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To see and to do in La Flèche

This music festival was created in 1978, and is one of the oldest and most famous Baroque music festivals of Europe.
Since its inauguration, the Opera of Baugé presents operas by the end of July and the beginning of August of each year.
This is one of the six colleges of French defense. Located in a splendid setting of classical architecture of the 17th century, it presents three successive avenues dominated by the Saint-Louis church.
This exceptional French theatre in Italian style from the start of the 19th century offers 135 seats. This theatre hall has extraordinary acoustics and offers interactivity between artists and spectators.
This pavillion from the beginning of the 17th century is located at the back of Hotel Le Vert Galant.
Moulin de La Bruère is a mill built on the Loir during the 14th century. It is the last mill in France to produce ice blocks to refrigerate.
The village of Les Rairies is a village where man used to extract white stone, harder than tuffeau stone (used to build the Prytanée militaire of La Flèche and many other monuments).
This cultural centre of La Flèche organises several art events: the "Festival des Affranchis (2nd weekend of July), musical Fridays (during the summer season), exhibitions...
Carnuta, house of the man and the forest, is a playful and interactive place located in the village of Jupilles, in the heart of the forest of Bercé, in Sarthe. This space offers a discovery of the forest world for young and old.
2 Rue du bourg ancien · Jupilles 72500 · France

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